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CAA and Drone Safety

Some reassurance for you.

Operating as a Commercial SUA ( Small Unmanned Aircraft ) or drone pilot is not to be taken lightly, as such, our safety, your safety and the protection of your assets are paramount.

Fly3D’s Pilots work under standard permissions, a PfCO ( Permission for Commercial Operations ) issued by the CAA which means our PIC ( Pilots In Charge )  have received the appropriate training by recognised CAA approved training centres for their PfCO, this is mandatory licensing within the UK for Commercial Operations, along with our level of Public Liability Insurance to £5million it means we are 100% fully committed to safety in any of our projects we undertake.

As part of the PIC’s licensing , it is also mandatory  to keep full and accurate records of the Flight as well as pre-flight records and desktop surveys of the project for safety legal reasons.

Every flight and flight planning is subject to industry standard RAMS ( Risk Assessment and  Method Statements ) Each and every flight is subject to their own individual Risk Assessments as every flight is unique even the same flight on a different day is subject to its own checking.

For all construction sites our PICs have their own CSCS Visitors Card  to ensure compliance with the sites Healthy and Safety Protocols.

It is the sole responsibility of the PIC to determine whether or not a flight can be made on the day, no external pressure will alleviate a pilot from this responsibility.

Drone Safety is flaunted far too often as is evident in many a social media platform. You don’t have to look far to see what can happen with ignoring guidelines and regulations.