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The Drone Imagery and Data Specialist.

Fly3D will supply you with Drone and Ground based Imagery, but we want to supply you with a lot more drone based services, to name a few …

Digital Terrain Models

Thermal Imagery


3D Modelling

BIM Integration

Agricultural Imaging

Have a look at the sectors we can cater for, and the list of our extended services we can supply.

The drone is here to stay, no matter what sector you are in, drone technology can help you in ways not yet considered. Just being able to see things from a different point of view can provide that wow factor, the safety aspect of inspections can be mitigated out by using a drone to undertake inspections in difficult locations. We have the ability to work in dusty and damp conditions with our IP Rated aircraft, Why not drop us a line or lift the phone, we are more than happy to work something out to get that wow you are looking for.

 Arisaig Beach - Drone

Some imagery from the archives…

Did you know it is ILLEGAL for an unlicensed Pilot to undertake Commercial Operations? That is ANY operation which will result in payment of any kind. It is also ILLEGAL for YOU to knowingly hire an unlicensed Pilot. Not only that, they won’t be insured, injury to people or damage to property / equipment is a possibility. Ask to see the Licence and Insurance Details BEFORE you employ their services.

Just remember this , ” If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait till you hire an amateur “


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