Who We Are…

Fly3D Ltd. is a forward looking Commercial Drone Operator with a vast gamut of experience which precedes the Company by 20 years. The idea behind Fly 3D Ltd Is a simple one. To provide the catalyst in which the following various interests and expertise can come together.

3d Modelling

The idea was simply to combine above using SUA ( Small Unmanned Aircraft ) or Drone as they are commonly known as. To give us the ability to take each of these interests and expertise and give them a new dimension and direction.

Photography is not where our skills stop, we genuinely want to come up with new use cases for the exciting times ahead, with the Construction industry as a whole going through a transition in terms of BIM, we want to be heavily involved with our expertise, couple with the new possibilities drones can bring.

Just like BIM ( Building Information Modelling )  drone technology will not go away, which is why we want to embrace it now, to be recognised as preferred partners to deliver the data you need, for the workflows demanded.

Embrace new technologies such as drones, VR, AR, embracing new culture shifts and workflows in BIM, Construction, we think we are perfectly positioned in what will be a growth area to service many sectors and industries.

These are exciting times….please take a second to fill out the form below if you want to connect to discuss a project or use case.

Building and DTMMachinerySilversands Campsite

Call us direct on 07474548175 for any questions you may have.