FLY3D V2.0

2020, it has been a strange and mixed year for various reasons, challenging reasons. No matter how I have felt about the lockdown, there was only one direction that was going to be the focus of a lot of that time spent during the period. The resurrection of Fly3D.

Various decisions have been made to restructure my approach to Fly3D, not only what it means, but what it has to offer.

Fly3d was borne ( you may say Airborne! ) out of an idea for adopting Drone technology as a service, for the most part, from 2016 to 2019 this was successful. Since the start of 2019  then I was extremely lucky and grateful for working on a £200 Million fit-out of a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Switzerland. My role in this project was to lead the way for the digital model coordination of a Multi-Disciplinary team in terms of Clash detection and Clash Management. A role that was ultimately very successful from an end Client point of view.

The travel time commuting to Switzerlands was long, this gave me a lot of time thinking to myself, especially thoughts of …..

‘What is next after this amazing opprtunity ?

Well, after the length of time and effort commuting to Switzerland, reduced travel time would be appreciated, that decision was made for me due to COVID. Having spent the next 3 months finishing the Swiss project off remotely from the UK, it also highlighted the importance of being closer to home. Having spent more time at home enabled me to evaluate things better. I decided to put a very positive view on lockdown by indulging myself in learning. Something that has been on my mind for long enough can now become a reality or in this case an UNReality. I have committed a huge amount of time, especially in the last month in learning Unreal Engine, a gaming Engine which is so well suited to push my expertise and method of working in new directions. I’m amazed at how many hours I’ve burnt on YouTube and Unreal Engine learning portals. This has provided the fuel for me to rethink certain things with a relaunch of the website and social media platforms starting from today.

Drone work will take a back seat whilst the concentrations on BIM and workflows in Unreal Engine move forward. Drones will not disappear from my expertise, far from it, I wish to continue supporting the drone industry in terms of processing  Imagery and Data production gained from drones, be it photogrammetry, orthomosaics or pure imagery.  It is for that reason that I continue to work closely with members of that industry to utilise their expertise whenever I need it, or indeed when they need my own. I may apply for my Commercial Licence for drones soon, but my concentrations have to be focused on Fly3D V2.0 at the moment.

Anyway, you get the message, so it is your turn, your turn to message me at Fly3D to see how we can help you and your business…..Here’s to a promising kickstart post lockdown.